2020 Run – Week 6

on February 8, 2021 • Grace

Last week everyone! I hope you enjoyed. please don’t hesitate to ask me if you have any questions about any of the sessions.

as always make sure you stick to my 3 Pleases before the shorter sessions.

  • Please always do a 3 min jog (or more if you feel you need it in this cold) warm-up before the sessions and some dynamic stretches for any tight body parts to avoid injury. It’s cold now so you really need to get the muscles warmed up before working them.
  • Please always give yourself the recommended recovery in between sets so you can get your heart rate down and fill the tank back up so you can push yourself for the next set.
  • Please do a gentle stretch at the end of the sessions, to cool down and facilitate better recovery to help avoid stiff muscles the next day.



5k go for your best time


2min slow, 1 min faster x 6

2 min slow should be a comfortable pace, and then push the 1 min faster pace to a pace where you are a little out of breath.
30-40 min run

Run this at a comfortable pace and check what distance you do.


Hills (Pyramid)
20meters, 30meters, 40meters, 50meters, 40meters, 30 meters, 20meters


Run up to the top and jog back down.
Same as last week where the longer the distance, the slightly slower the pace. It will feel good coming back down the other side of the pyramid getting a bit faster.

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