202RUN…week 1

on January 3, 2021 • Grace

This is a 6-week block program for the beginner runner. A runner that is looking to get into running that perhaps missed out on the 5k buzz during the first lockdown and what a great time to get into the running spirit now that gyms are closed!

It is 3 days going into 4. I recommend sticking to the days so you feel fit enough to take on the more challenging sessions towards the end of the 6-week block.

It’s designed is to give a bit of variety to your training. You may find the speed stuff difficult if you have never done it before, but give it a go to the best of your ability. Make sure you push yourself outside your comfort zone. Sometimes it should hurt but remember you wont die!


  • Please always do a 3 min jog warm-up before the sessions and some dynamic stretches for any tight body parts to avoid injury. Its cold now so you really need to get the muscles warmed up before working them.
  • Please always give yourself the recommended recovery in between sets so you can be recovered and push yourself.
  • Please do a gentle stretch at the end of the sessions, to cool down and facilitate better recovery to help avoid stiff muscles the next day.

I’ll release the program every Sunday on the website for the week ahead posting the link on twattaahhh and instahhh

enjoy xG



20 min

Comfortable jog pace 


20-sec faster pace, 30-sec slow pace x 6

Push your pace to about 70%effort for the fast bit and drop it back to what feels like 30% effort or the slow bit


30meters, 50meters, 30 meters
x 2 sets

Turn around and jog back between reps. Take 5 min in between the sets

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