202Run week 2

on January 10, 2021 • Grace

My three Pleases’s as always before you start each session

  • Please always do a 3 min jog (or more if you feel you need it in this cold) warm-up before the sessions and some dynamic stretches for any tight body parts to avoid injury. It’s cold now so you really need to get the muscles warmed up before working them.
  • Please always give yourself the recommended recovery in between sets so you can get your heart rate down and fill the tank back up so you can push yourself for the next set.
  • Please do a gentle stretch at the end of the sessions, to cool down and facilitate better recovery to help avoid stiff muscles the next day.

I’ll release the program every Sunday on the website for the week ahead posting the link on twattaahhh and instahhh


20 min or longer 🙂

Comfortable pace. Concentrate on your breathing. If you struggle with this, try in through your mouth and out through your mouth. After all, your mouth is your biggest hole (or it should be!) so you can take in and out more air!!!


2 x 800meters. 
200m walk/ very slow jog in between each 800 

You won’t like me for this but It will be good for you! Push your pace to about 70% for the 800m. 


50m, 100m x 3.
3-5 min recovery  in between the sets.
(See how your recovering. If your getting cold, take the 3min)

The 50m should be faster than the 100m. Turn around and jog back between the 50 + 100. 

Enjoy xxx

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