202Run Week 3

on January 17, 2021 • Grace

I hope you are all enjoying the running program. When I say “enjoying”, I mean benifiting in fitness and in health!

I have left Wednesday the same as last week. I was getting some feedback that it was a little difficult so have a go again (if you found it ok add an extra set).

If you are doing the speed stuff for the first time it will be hard to get the quicker leg turn over as your fast-twitch muscles might need to be switched on, so don’t be disheartened if it doesn’t feel like your going nowhere. Stick at it and the faster pace will come. Have patience and persistence!

Quick tip if you are walking out any of the distances, 1 of your strides/steps = roughly 1 meter

MondayDistance  4k
Comfortable pace again this week. Focus on staying tall and relaxed.


Tempo  2 x 800meters 200m walk/ very slow jog in between each 800 

Push your pace to about 70% for the 800m but remember you have 2 to do!


Hills  10’s, 20’s, 30’s x 3

Jog back to start of the hill in between each run. Take 3 min recovery in between each set.

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