202Run- Week 4

on January 24, 2021 • Grace

Surprise! You have an extra day this week and sure isnt consistency key to getting better at anything, so you will be doing 4 days now until week 6!

I hope you are enjoying the program and learning that its not just about going out for a boring plod around the block every-time.


  • Please always do a 3-5 min jog warm-up before the sessions and some dynamic stretches for any tight body parts to avoid injury. It’s cold now so you really need to get the muscles warmed up before working them.
  • Please always give yourself the recommended recovery in between sets so you can be recovered and push yourself.
  • Please do a gentle stretch at the end of the sessions, to cool down and facilitate better recovery to help avoid stiff muscles the next day.

I’ll release the program every Sunday on the website for the week ahead posting the link on twattaahhh and instahhh


Distance  4k

Let’s keep the 4k like last week, but aim for it to be faster than last week.  Try to shave off 60-90 seconds.


Tempo 2-3k tempo

 Every 2 min pick up the pace for 1 min. Ideally, I’d like you to be increasing the pace by 30 seconds. Eg. if you are running at 6min Kilometers, Id like you to drop it to 5.30 min Kilometers for the faster bits.

Distance 30 min run

Dont go hard at this just get a few miles in the legs. The legs might be heavy after Wednesday.

Hills  10min run50meters,  100 meters, 

Do as many 50 meters and 100 meters as you can in the 10 min. Sprint up and jog down the hill to your starting point repeating the 50 and 100 for 10 min.

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