202Run Week 5

on January 31, 2021 • Grace



Distance  5k

5k comfortable pace


Running HIIT
Sprinting + Strength
Set 1 x 38-10 x squats sprint 10 meters8-10 push upsSprint back 10 meters
BREAK 2 min (but don’t get cold standing around)
Set 2 x 3 8-10 Lungessprint 10 meters8-10 dips (on bench or wall)Sprint  back 10 meters


Same amount of time you did the 5k in on Monday

Whatever time you did the 5k in on Monday, do the same time here. It will be interesting to see what distance you do when it’s just for time.

Hills  1min, 50sec, 40sec, 30sec x 1

The longer the run, the slower the pace. Try to increase the pace as you go. This is tough so err on the side of caution and take the 1min run quite slow. I’m not saying sprint up but do try to push the 30 sec one. Find a hill that has a gradual incline, not too steep.

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