Hills, glorious Hills!

on January 31, 2021 • Grace

Did you all enjoy your hill sesh in this dreadful weather today?!

If you are wondering why you should do hills as a running session here is why…

A structured hill session will give you a lovely bit of power, speed, and strength in your running.

There are a few key groups of people who will really benefit from them …

1.If you’re injury-prone

Hills are a safer alternative to road or track workouts because there is less impact force distributed throughout your legs. As hill running is slightly more challenging than flat running, they will reinforce better running technique. In other words, you wont get away with poor posture or over striding.

2. If you’re a new runner

Hills build power and will help you when you run on the flat. As a beginner, you don’t need to focus on speed on the hills, it’s more about getting up them and focusing on driving the arms, lifting the knees, staying tall and not collapsing with your posture.

3. If you’re training for a race

What ever about physically being able to run hills, it is important to be psychologically able to cope with a hill if it were to pop up in a race. Without practice, a hilly course might seem overly daunting on race day. Hill repetitions and different style hill sessions will build your physical and mental strength for what ever type of hill you may meet in a race.

To summerise my love of hills…

Hill workouts are just the business because they build very running-specific strength. It takes a strong runner – both muscularly and aerobically – to run quickly up a steep hill. And how do you get strong muscularly and aerobically? DO HILLS!

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