on October 20, 2020 • Grace

It is the eve of Level 5 and there is a busyness about the place with people preparing for lockdown 2.0. We are restricted from seeing friends and family once again, the exciting things that we had to look forward to leading up to Halloween and Christmas must be canceled, and some businesses will be forced to close permanently once lockdown is over. 

But we are in this now and we have no choice but to get through it. So what if you were to stop fighting it? What if you were to stop being a salmon trying to swim upstream and just go with the flow and surrender?
Which takes more energy? To resist coming to terms with the fact that we are going back into a lockdown or to accept it and move with the days and weeks?

Believe it or not, there are positives to this. Some of you discovered your creative side, everything from painting, to baking. Some of you have learned to adapt your business in ways you never thought you would have been able to do, and we have all been thought to appreciate the little things and not take anything for granted.

Take a moment to take a deep breath, and know you are going to be ok. We are going to be ok because we have done this once, we can do it again. Work as a team, support local business, and check in on the vulnerable. There will be light at the end of the tunnel so surrender yourself to what is happening and you will come out the other end having developed strength and resilience. 

Tips for lockdown 2.0

  1. Keep structure and routine in your life. Get up at the same time Monday – Friday.
  2. Keep exercising even if the gyms are closed. There are plenty of home workouts available online, start running, or go for a brisk walk.
  3. Eat healthy and dont pity eat. It is important to keep your immune system healthy by eating right and eating foods that will boost your good mood.
  4. Do a free online course. If you are not working, fill your time with a course to upskill (
  5. Do that job you have been putting off – the one you even put of in in the first lockdown!

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