The Run up to Christmas WEEK 2

on November 15, 2020 • Grace

WEEK 2 – 16th – 22nd 

Before every session

Gentle jog warm up  3-4 min 

Dynamic stretching apporx 8 reps  – leg swings, lunges fwd + bk, squats, glute bridge and any other dynamic stretches you want to throw in to activate muscles.

After every session

Cooldown jog 3-4min


Distance – 5k or more 
Interval (aerobic) –  400 meters @ 70% effort, 2min slow jog in between reps x 6
Interval (anaerobic) – 30 sec fast @ 90%effort,  30 sec slow jog x 6
Hills –  Pyramid:  50m, 100m, 200m, 100m, 50m 


Monday  – Milage

Please feel free to do more thank 5k if you want. It shouldnt be a hard day, your just getting a bit of milage in the legs. Pluss you might be a bit shtiff after your hills!

Wednesday – Aerobic Interval training

400 meters is far when you are pushing the pace. Run this with intent but leave some in the tank you have to get around 400m consistently and you have 6 to do! Dont burn up too soon! 2 min slow jog to get the heart rate right down before going again.

Friday – Lactic threshold to improve aerobic power

Its a very short snappy session compare to the other sessions. Some of you will hate it some of you might prefer. For your 30 seconds on, you should be hurting a little after each one. You should feel your little lungs burn – they will not burst dont worry! The 30 seconds off is not a long recovery so come back to a slooooooow slo0000w jog – NOT A WALK – You need to learn to recover under pressure, aimed at improving our tolerance and clearance of lactic acid. Its a wonderful feeling when you can bare it, but this will take time.

Sunday – Power and Endurance Hills

The shorter the distance the faster it should be. So the 50m’s need to be snappy. Your lungs should be fine but your legs might feel a bit lacticy at the top. The 100m’s pull back the pace a small bit so you should feel an even burn in the legs and the lungs. Then the 200m’s ….well these should hurt! Its a small bit slower but if you arent bent over at the top of the hill when your finished maybe you need to try harder next time.

Enjoy x

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