The Run up to Christmas – WEEK 5

on December 6, 2020 • Grace



Distance – 40min or more if you like nice and steady.


 Speed – 600m, 400m, 200m, 100m 2-3 min recovery in between each set.


Tempo – 20 min tempo. 10 min x 2 @ 60% effort (2-3min recovery inbetween)


5k sub 25


Hills – 200m,100m, 200m x 2, jog back recon between reps, 5 min in between sets


Monday – Steady miles. Comfortable pace. Conversational pace.

Wednesday – Do these at a fair push and give yourself the longer 3 min recovery in between after each one if you need. If your legs and lungs aren’t sore after each one your not pushing hard enough. God Bless.

Friday – It will be long and burny but sure that’s where the magic happens

Saturday – Give it a go. Can be a flat route

Sunday – This Won’t be pleasant. The 200 meters should be a bit slower and the 100meters you should push the speed with a faster leg turnover. Stay tall and drive the arms.

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