The Run up to Christmas – WEEK 6

on December 13, 2020 • Grace

WEEK 6 – The final week


Miles – 6 miles steady


Speed – 250m, 200m, 150m, 200m ,250m 5 min recovery in between


Speed – endurance 3 x 1k loop 4 min recovery in between


Tempo – 4 min increased pace, 2 min slower pace x 6


Hills – 45 sec, 1min, 90 sec, 2 min, 60 sec, 1 min, 45sec – jog back down recovery in between 

So here we are at the final week. I hope you enjoyed the sessions (enjoyed might be too strong a word). They were just to give you a little variety to your training and to be quite honest there was not much progression, it was straight in, no messing so well done!

The program wasn’t designed to suit any particular distance but it was designed to push you out of your comfort zone and give you a taste of the different areas of cardiovascular fitness in aerobic and anaerobic sessions. 

You should have learned about your pace and making sure you give enough for those faster sessions but also leave some in the tank when you have 4 or 5 reps to do. 

You should have learned that it will hurt sometimes but it won’t kill you and pushing yourself is good for the mind and body.

If you have been training hard for the last 6 weeks I would recommend that you take an easy week next week. Like all good programs, you need to have that down week every few weeks to come back stronger. 


Monday – So sneaky of me. So 6 MILES … 9.6Kilometers… it’s fine it’s your last week, you’ll be grand. You can rest the following week.

Wednesday – So as it says – speed. Go at these hard on  a nice flat surface. Take the full 5 min recovery if you need. You want to be able to go at each one a fresh a possible

Friday – Wont be nice. Dont delay on the 1k’s! Theres only 3 but make them good times.

Saturday – A 24 min run, Do the increased pace for 4 min at 70% effort about and the slower 2 min at 50%.

Sunday – Just think 7 hill sprints and they get shorter…The longer the time of the sprint the slightly slower they should be.

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