The Run-Up To Christmas – WEEK 1

on November 9, 2020 • Grace

This is a 6-week block program for the intermediate runner. A runner that can run 5-10k comfortably.  It is 4 days going into 5. I recommend sticking to the days so you feel fit enough to take on the more challenging sessions towards the end of the 6-week block.

It’s designed with towards medium distance runners but not specific. It is simply to give a bit of variety to your training. Its kinda like the mulled wine of training programs made with figs, sliced clementine and spices. You may like it, you may not.

I haven’t done much all year so I’d like to finish with a challenge and to go into 2021 feeling fit AF. I hope this program gives you a bit of focus, helps you stay on track, and a challenge in the run-up to Christmas. It also means comes Christmas day, you won’t feel guilty about eating a full plate of food, going back for seconds, and digging into the roses a couple of dozen times, your hard work will be done!

I’ll release the program every Sunday for the week ahead.  I will give a drill every week to add to your warm-up so stay posted to Instahhh and Twittaaaahhhh,

Enjoy x

Before every session

*Gentle jog  3-4 min 

*Dynamic stretching approx 8 reps of each  – leg swings, lunges fwd + bk, squats, glute bridge.

After every session

*Cooldown jog 

WEEK 1 – 9th-15th

Distance – 5k
Comfortable pace 


30 sec
on 30 sec off x 6

30sec pace @ 70% effort,
30sec recovery jog pace @ 30% effort


Speed Endurance – 20 min run

Go at her fast – No hanging around! Try quicken at the end (last 2 min about)


Hills – 200 x 2 x 2

70% effort, jog back recovery, 4 min between sets (not too steep a hill)

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